This page is dedicated to the ways in which we are working to minimize the environmental impact of  Cheat Festival. From T-shirts to food scraps, we are reconsidering many aspects of the fest, and working to improve how we do things. This is part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, and we invite you to join us in re-thinking some simple habits that can make a big difference.


This as an ongoing process where we will strive to continually improve. If you have any ideas or would like to be involved in this initiative, please contact Ellie Bell and Thanks!

 Cheat Fest Carpool Contest :

There are a lot of good reasons why everyone should carpool to Cheat Festival – here are just a few.

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint
  2. Reduce parking congestion – this has been a big problem the past few years
  3. Have great road trip conversations with new and old friends
  4. Save money on gas
  5. Win prizes!

Here’s how it works – You carpool to Cheat Fest (that means 4 passengers or more) – and our parking attendants will be paying attention. Fridaynight and Fest Saturday, attendants will select three full vehicles at random. Winning vehicles will be notified on the spot. You will revel in do-gooder  glory all year.

1st Place: 1 car will be eligible for a VIP upgrade – free festival entrance, camping, food & beverage – for each passenger in the car

2nd Place: 1 car will be eligible for Free Fest Entrance for each passenger in the car

3rd Place: 1 car will be eligible for $10 off 2017 Cheat Fest T-Shirts for each passenger in the car

Everyone Else: All carpoolers will receive endless love and appreciation from Friends of the Cheat


Lydia Small

Waste is a WASTE

We want to drastically reduce waste produced at Cheat Fest. For us this means bulking up on our recycling facilities, composting food scraps, and encouraging use of reusable dinner ware and bottles. We are currently brainstorming how we can help our fest goers to not be fest throwers – if you or your organization has ideas or would like to be involved in this initiative, then please contact the Ellie, the Fest Coordinator.


  • Composting food scraps at the festival grounds
  • Providing water fill-up stations to help us say GOOD BYE to plastic water bottles
  • Encouraging fest goers to bring their own re-usable dinnerware
  • Bulking up our recycling program


Foodshed = Watershed

How we choose to feed ourselves has a huge impact on our environment. Here in West Virginia we are lucky to have access to a bounty of foods throughout the year. Cheat Fest thinks it’s important to support our local food system – and this year we will work to help our food vendors source more local, sustainable  ingredients. If you are a food vendor with similar priorities, or a local food producer, please contact Ellie Bell at!

More to come! This is just the beginning – keep checking back as the festival approaches.