For a limited time, donate to Friends of the Cheat and Bliss Bliss Bliss will match your gift with a special menu of select services – up to $1500 – on a first come, first served basis.   Donations will benefit the 2020 Cheat River Festival!  Don’t miss out – this special will end once the $1500 goal is reached.

After your donation is received, Bliss Bliss Bliss will contact you to set up your matched gift. Don’t miss out!

$35 – 1 Visit Infrared Sauna Visit
$60 – 5 Visits Yoga Pass  (for the individual)
$80 – 1 Visit Swedish Massage
$105 – 1 Visit Deep Tissue / Integrative Massage
$110 – 10 Visits Yoga Pass (for the individual)
$390 – 6 Visits Swedish Massage  (for the individual)
$570 – 6 Visits Deep Tissue / Integrative Massage  (for the individual)

MeditationBlissTake advantage of this limited-time offer – and get double rewards for your donation!