FOC owned and managed river access sites are open for use following CDC guidelines. However, we have closed the bathrooms at the festival site Cheat Canyon put-in. We are discouraging the gathering of groups over 10 and will monitor site use and make changes as necessary. Stay well within your skill level while undertaking any risky activity during this time – you don’t want to take up a hospital bed or distract emergency responders because you injured yourself. 

Further, stay close to home with any outdoor activity – in your own zip code please! Traveling to that special camping spot or whitewater run exposes locals in rural communities with already limited health care. Think about how your actions could impact others. This article from Paddling Magazine can help – but please don’t explore new locations right now.  And remember, always stay 6 feet apart from your companions, on land and in the water!

With certain precautions, getting outside is a great way to stay active, and connected. This article, shared originally by our friends at OVEC, reminds us that there are many lessons to be learned from nature. We may have to be physically distanced but we can still stay connected – like the trees in the forest.

  • Please don’t travel far from home to paddle; this is a great moment to practice skills in flatwater, revisit the home-town run you first learned on, or focus on shoulder health & injury prevention!
  • Don’t gather in groups and maintain physical distance (this might mean figuring out human powered shuttle options)
  • Stay well within or below your skill level. Let’s support the healthcare system by staying injury free!
  • Definitely get outside, stay active, happy & healthy!
  • Check out this great article on Paddling Activity in Quarantimes by American Whitewater

Stuff for Whitewater Paddlers To Do That Isn’t Paddling Whitewater: