The Art Market at the Cheat River Festival  is a semi-circle of high quality artist’s booths located in the center of the main vendors’ row. Come check out a beautiful selection of original work from many local and regional artists. A great day-time activity for the whole family!

Check out the amazing artists who made up the 2016 Art Market!

Ajwcreations / Adam j waddell
AjwCreations focuses on unique design with a natural look and feel.
My work mainly consist of home decor items, ceramics house wear/ sculpture and jewelry.


Big Savage Mountain Pottery / Charles & Gerald Stump
Chuck Stump has been making pots for nearly 45 years. His love of clay began in college under the tutelage of his professor and mentor, Dr. Frank Ross. After running a production pottery for several years in Indiana, Pa., he moved to the Frostburg area and began teaching art in the Allegany County Public School System. He built a studio that includes gas, oil and wood fired kilns on 11 wooded acres atop Big Savage Mt. Chuck’s special interest is wood-fired, salt-glazed stoneware, where he explores a very traditional glazing and firing technique on his contemporary vessels. The richly textured and decorated forms are wheel thrown with slab and coil additions. The patterns on the surfaces of his forms are enhanced by the subtle, natural effects of salt glazing.

Jeremy + Chuck Stump Pottery coffe pair
Blackwater Alcoves / Sandra Frank
Sandra has been creating with wool since childhood. Learning to crochet at a very young age from my mother and grandmother, Sandra has used crocheting as a way to produce, relax, meditate, and create for most of her life. A quest for non-toxic, educational toys made from natural materials led to her work with felting, Sandra has always loved color and has explored how things capture and reflect light through both creative and scientific endeavors.


Cree Lahti Ceramics / Cree Lahti
Cree Lahti makes jewelry that captures the beauty of nature using earthenware clay. A native West Virginian, she finds inspiration in the mountain environment, where she resides. Ms. Lahti presses organic objects; such as leaves, flowers, shells, and grasses into the clay, creating an imprint of precise detail. The design is hand-painted and fired, lending permanence to each unique composition. Her work is characterized by the emphasis on small delicate elements of nature that are otherwise easily missed by the casual observer. Her artistic process began by helping her parents in their pottery business. Raised in a pottery studio, with a father as a professional potter and an artistic mother she is happy to carry on the family tradition of handmade crafts.

Sharing Cree’s booth will be:

Stitzinger Stonecraft / Kevin R Stitzinger
All my work is carved in natural stone, bringing forth textures, colors, shadows and grains to enhance three dimensional sculptures and two dimensional carvings. Natural surfaces are juxtaposed with the imprint of many “paintbrushes”, from hand chisels to grinders, with each cutting edge selected for the particular mark it will leave on the stone. The nature of the stone, my perception of the possible, and the many tools I work with harmonize to create objects that encourage the viewer to step forward and wonder how… or why… or to simply provide a peaceful, enduring connection with nature in their home or yard.


Eddie Spaghetti Art / Eddie Maier
Woodcut printing consists of carving a piece of wood, inking the surface then printing on handmade paper. My inspiration comes from nature’s bountiful beauty. By making art, I feel I can live closer to the spirit that moves through all things. I learned my trade initially while traveling to Australia. I’ve picked up many tricks from scores of generous people. West Virginia University is the place where I earned my degree in printmaking and art education. My art is a conversation between you, me and the people and places of inspiration. Thanks for sharing your time.

Maier-hibernate 3

Erin J Kuehn Studios / Erin Kuehn
Erin J. Kuehn Studios uses white stoneware along with organic form to capture the essence of light and movement. Works incorporate many elements such as continuous motion, strong line and a sense of intimacy. EJK Studios produces many functional pieces such as bowls, mugs, wine cups, wine chillers, cheese trays and herb planters. Decorative works include framed tile and feminine sculptural wall pieces. Mediums include stoneware, cone six glazes, wood, wire and oil paint. Erin Kuehn studied Ceramics at Alfred University and has been working with clay for over 15 years.

Kuehn-Wine Cups-web

Ginger Blue Naturals / Lee Gainer
My name is Lee Gainer, Ginger Blue Naturals was born out of my desire to care for our family’s skin with using natures resources. We continue that today by promising to never use synthetic fragrance or fillers.


Sharing Lee’s booth will be:

Mushroom Workshop / Brian Gainer
As an avid fisherman since childhood, Brian became interested in fly tying and rod building watching his grandfather. He began with flies and has since evolved into full-time custom rod building and enjoys the creative process and seeing it all come together.


Intentional Stones / Catherine Aulick
I am inspired by the colors and intricate crystal structures of stones, by the fascinating mechanisms of biological systems, and by the complex patterns insects and animals wear to fool predators and blend in. In my studio, metal interacts with gemstones crystal formations and layers, color and mysteries to transform into jewelry. Wearing art combined with nature brings the healing, centering power of the natural world into everyday human settings.

cathy aulik

Kula Tie Dye / Mary Jo Schick
I have been creating and selling Dyed clothing for over 25 years. It all started at the Good Old Grateful Dead, we saw the band about 250 times ( I lost count at about 150); it was a way you could see the band, pay your way and maybe even make a little money. Plus all the greatest dyers were on Dead Tour so it was always so inspirational.  Once they clamped down on vending at Dead Shows, I moved over to Art Shows, and it was my Day Job for the last 20+ years.  Now my Day Job is Thai Yoga Massage, but I still produce Dyework, expanding to include Yoga Clothing. And I love returning to Cheat Fest every spring, there’s nothing like it!


Milkweed Rising / Linda Gribko
Linda S. Gribko is a self-taught nature photographer and artist based in Morgantown, WV. Following a BS and PhD in wildlife and forestry, Gribko worked in several fields including research, garden design, and computer programming before leaving a corporate career in market analytics to pursue the arts and environmental advocacy. She married several different passions in the creation of Milkweed Rising, a unique business model that allows her to share her love of nature through her art and photography while also providing inspiration to those who would like to make their outdoor space more inviting to pollinators, butterflies, and wild birds. Although she enjoys working in a variety of media, Gribko has recently started a unique series of nature mandalas, each created by applying color replacement techniques to a single digital photograph to tease out hidden pattern and design Her work is currently displayed at shops and galleries in West Virginia, including Tamarack, and online.After the Storm

Muddy Mindi / Mindi Bowman
“Eclectic stoneware pottery & artisan soaps”.


Mystical Crystal Jewelry / Robert Riffe
I have worked as a Jeweler, Silversmith + Lapidary for many years sharing my craft and passion for stones and the timeless art of metalsmithing. I draw inspiration for my art from the beauty of nature and the stones, metals, plants, shapes, colors, patterns and geometric symbols. My Journeys and adventures have taken me many places and still my heart + home reside in the mountains of West Virginia .

Riffe-Ammolite Amulet

Sharing Rob’s booth will be:

Heidi DeSousa
Painted visions of nature in it’s simplest to most complex forms is my speciality. Both acrylic and watercolor are the mediums I channel my visions through. If it’s something wild and natural, It’s found a spot on my canvas somewhere. My multidimensional talents take me to creating raku medallions with stamping and downright earthy tones. Not only does each pendant come with hemp thread, but are also infused with essential lavender oil. Straight from the earth into your hands.
Light and Love
OfAlbright Photography / David Cerbone
David’s work in photography is the result of his continuing explorations of the Cheat River as it flows through Preston County, West Virginia. He takes many of his photographs within walking distance of his house in Albright, along the edges of the Cheat River Festival site. He also routinely visits various spots on a stretch of the river known at “the Narrows”, which runs along Route 72 between Kingwood and Rowlesburg, as well as various points along Muddy Creek.

David makes many of his photographs using pinhole and zone plate cameras, which are simple wooden boxes that do not use any kind of optical lenses. He also likes using a variety of plastic cameras, including Holga and Diana cameras, as well as various thrift shop finds. As we move further into the digital age of photography, David’s interests have reached further back to the very beginnings of photography in the 19th Century, as he has struggled to master the wet plate collodion process, as well as cyanotype and other early printing processes. Despite this backward-looking bent to his photographic work, he enjoys using digital cameras as well: he has taken many pictures of and around the Cheat using digital cameras that have been converted to record infrared light. David is also a big fan of the Hipstamatic app on his iPhone.

Cerbone # 1

Rockables / Katie Mullins
Self taught beader and creator.
Bohemian style embroidered jewelry created with semi-precious gemstone suede, feathers and seed beads.


Soulfully Salvaged Paper Arts / Vie Davis & Nika Keller
Each year more than 9 million of the 12 billion magazines published in the United States either wind up in landfills or get incinerated. We use paper that would otherwise be thrown away in our crafts… there is much beauty to be found in recycled materials.

[photo coming soon…]


Technicus /Gabe DeWitt
My work focuses on the dynamic universe, big and small, fast and slow, it’s all so wonderful to think about…the nature of nature.


Sharing Gabe’s booth will be:
Tara Earth Designs / Tara Smith
“I create works of experimental mixed media, this year I have delved into paper marbling and water color techniques. The power of pigment in water allows for such feral and ever changing exploration.”


The Artisan’s Menagerie / Matthew Benson
I am a self-taught artist whose desire is to create completely unique pieces that are accessible enough to be worn or viewed every day.

The Blaxxmith Shop / Timothy Hibbs
Tim Hibbs could hear the woods calling him from a very early age. As a youngster growing up in rural southwestern Pennsylvania he spent endless hours tramping through the forests and fields, developing a spiritual connection with nature. As a young man his path led him to the even wilder mountains of West Virginia where he met his soul mate, and began to raise a family. A gifted artist since he was young, Hibbs found his creative voice in those rolling hills, cultivating an ever deepening affinity for the peaceful serenity that these places offered, while creating beautiful interpretations of the dynamic images he has witnessed on his journey…

Hibbs-Golden Touch-4web

Woodcrafty / Jonathan Pitts
Wooden jewelry embellished with miniature mosaics made from tiny, different colored pieces of recycled wood, all proudly handmade by Jon Pitts.


Artists who are interested in participating in the Art Market should check out the Art Market Application page here.