Introducing the TWO 2024 Cheat Fest Raffle items

Outdoor Rivers Firepit

Made and Donated by Sam Wilson💙

This firepit is made of steel and is painted with black heat resistant paint. It measures 27″ wide, 13″ tall, and inside pit is 8″ deep. It has 8 sides, each featuring a different local river/stream including Red Creek, Otter Creek, Dryfork, Roaring Creek, Cheat Canyon, Blackwater, and Daugherty, and LBS.
Tickets are 1 for $5 or 5 for $25

Big Rocker Shredder

Made and Donated by Airtight Inflatables

The Big Rocker Shredder features the same rocker profile as the regular Rocker Shredder with a larger main tube and 2 extra inches of width in the thwarts for longer leg comfort or room for more gear. Great for Class 3 whitewater and up. This Shredder will be outfitted with custom hellbender art straps.
Overall Length: 12 feet
Width: ~5 feet, 4 inches
Maximum Pontoon diameter: 22 inches
Typical weight: 50-52 lbs.
Tickets are 1 for $10, 3 for $25, or 15 for $100
Raffle Tickets can be purchased here:

Tickets will be sold pre-Fest in our Merch Store and during the Fest.

Raffle winners will be announced on May 4th at 9pm on stage at Cheat Fest.

Winners do not need to be present to win