The Education Eddy will be a space for learning about the State of the Cheat River watershed during Cheat Fest. Inspired by Fall 2017 presentation series, the Education Eddy will be a place for Fest goers to learn more about Friends of the Cheat and our partners. Speakers will touch on all manner of environmental, science, and conservation topics. Come sit in on discussions, bring your questions and your camp chair, and enjoy rich discussion and learning! 

2019 Education Eddy Schedule (TENTATIVE!)

11:45-12:15 – Chris Martin:  CO2

 12:15-12:45 – Garrett and Owen: Cheat River Rail Trail Project

12:45-1:00 – Madison Ball: Cheat River Water Quality

1:00-1:15 – Amanda Pitzer: Hot Topics: Oh Poop! Sewage in the Cheat, Rail-Trails: Watcha Gonna Do About…ATVs? Vandals? Rattlesnakes?, Litter and Dilapidated Buildings in Preston County: Is it getting better; The Damn Dam

1:15-1:45 – Friend of Deckers Creek 

 1:45-2:15 – Jim Snyder : Paddling on the Cheating 

 2:15-2:45 –  Dr Nicholas Zegra: The Vulnerability of West Virginia’s current food, energy and water systems

2:45-3:15 – Alex  Coffeman: Leave No Trace Workshop