This year, no matter what watershed you reside in, we welcome you to join us in the 2021 Virtual Cheat Fest 5K Foot Race! All movement types are welcome – run, walk, roll, rollerblade – get creative!

2021 Race Registration:  May 1st through May 16th

2021 Race Timeframe:  May 8th through May 16th

Where:  Wherever!

Cost:  $5.00 – please use this link.

Race Format:  Virtual, from home. During the open race period you will run a 5K (3.1 Miles) on your own, at the safe physical distance from others!  If you can’t get outside; run it inside!

Virtual Race Time:  Runners will track their own times and completion is based on the honor system. Times will be submitted through a form on this website during the race period.  We encourage runners to take photos, share their experience & encouragement with each other on our Facebook page!

Race Results Submission:  The open race period is Saturday, May 8th to Sunday May 16th.  Runners should submit their results here!  We would love it if folks shared photos, thoughts & experiences running on the 5K Foot Race Facebook Page.  We will compile and share race results on May 17th.  Good luck and have fun!