What a year. We’re so sad to not get to see you all this Spring at the Festival but that doesn’t mean we can’t still connect at heart.

Race Dates: Monday, April 27th – Saturday, May 2nd, 2020

Where: From YOUR Home!

Race Format: Virtual, From Home. During the open race period you will run a 5K (3.1 Miles) on your own, at the safe physical distance from others. You will time yourself with a phone or watch and e-mail your times to us at 5K@cheatfest.org. Take photos, send us thoughts and updates on your run, share encouragement, etc. We will use the 5K Facebook page in addition to the e-mail.

Race Results: We will compile race results and have a remote “Awards Ceremony” where there will be no physical prizes, but support and love for our racing community!

Cost: The Virtual 5K Is Free and Open to All. Racers who would like to donate can do so here by buying tickets to our “Cheat Fest Non-Event”. All proceeds will cover costs of the cancelled Cheat Fest as well as staff time at Friends of the Cheat.

Cheat Fest From Home: The Virtual 5K is part of our Cheat Fest From Home week, April 27-May 3rd. Check out Cheatfest.org to tune into online presentations, musical sharing, a silent auction and kid’s activities. You don’t need to donate to be a part of this!

Register for the Virtual 5K Below ! Tell your friends!