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The Virtual Art Market is full of lovely artists you may have visited and supported in the past Cheat Festivals over the years. Enjoy browsing through the Virtual Market full of a variety of beautiful original works from local and regional artists! If the artist has contact and website information, please feel free to check out their online stores or contact the artists directly if you’d like to make worthwhile purchases.


Ajwcreations / Adam j waddell

AjwCreations focuses on unique design with a natural look and feel.
My work mainly consist of home decor items, sculptures, and jewelry.


The Artisan’s Menagerie/ Matthew Benson

Matthew is a self-taught jewelry artist who’s inspiration is drawn from Art Deco and Art Nouveau through Contemporary and Abstract design. He works in both precious and base metals, wood, and leather which leads to unique elegant pieces that can be worn for almost any occasion.


Bare Mountain/ Mindi Bowman

Bare Mountain pottery, soaps & eco printing is all created by the inspiration of mother nature. Handmade soaps are made by the cold pressed method in small batches with infused oils and scented with essential oils.

Eco-printed cloth is created by layering prepared natural fiber cloth and paper with local plants and flowers.  The material and leaves are bundled together, tightly bound and steamed.  This process creates a permanent transfer of pigment from the leaves to the cloth.   All color and pattern come from the plants themselves!

To Contact: Mindi Rockwell


Catherine Dolch / The Contrary Captain Art and Illustration

She is a Scottish-American graphic and fine artist in Annapolis, MD. Her work is primarily in ink, watercolor, and acrylic with a illustrative style channeling the organic lines found in woodcut and traditional printmaking, combining this with a symbolic color palette and challenging dynamic layouts.

To Contact: Cat Pachal Dolch



Blackwater Alcoves / Sandra Frank

Blackwater Alcove is my home and it is a green place filled with nooks and crannies. Felted wool creations are inspired by the natural wetland colors and textures in the misty forest and bogs of my home. Wool bowls are great for the home as catch-alls for jewelry, office supplies, or educational toys. Rainbow stacking bowls and nesting bowls are valuable for learning colors, sizes, and coordination, as well as useful sorting for sorting and storing. Panhandlers let you keep your hand cool when your iron skillet is hot! 100% wool mason jar sleeves can help keep the contents cold, hot, act as a coaster, and make the jar look beautiful. Now for cans, too!

All my felted wool creations are hand crocheted from 100% wool and then fulfilled, blocked, and trimmed.


Double L Woodworking/ Larry Lutsie

Handmade, one of a kind cutting boards, bread boards, cheese slicers, paper towel dispensers, lazy susans, and nic nac boxes. Made from mostly local rough-cut sawmill lumber to finished product in my basement shop.




Drawn In Stone/ Darci Thabes

After growing up along the banks of the Cheat River, Darci roamed about the country – receiving an art degree from a college on the shore of Lake Superior and then completely ignoring that degree to spend several years Idaho and Montana, backpacking into mountain lakes to collect data on fish and frogs. Six years ago she stumbled back into art, and now her work is fueled by coffee, sarcasm and the sincere belief that art can be functional as well as beautiful.

She focuses on letting the natural beauty of stone and wood take center stage. Each of her designs are drawn directly onto the wood, which allows each image to interact with the grain of the wood in unique way. They are then inlaid with undyed natural stone and sanded smooth creating one-of-a-kind pieces that can be used every day and still last a lifetime.


To Contact: Darci Macur



Eddie Spaghetti Art / Eddie Maier

I am attracted to mother nature and her beauty as a means for artistic expression. I especially love trees. I have found Woodcut Printmaking for my artistic voice. I love the physical strength involved with carving the wood and the sensitive of printing.

It’s all connected, everything we experience.  My art is a reflection of my life. It’s a conversation between you and me and the people and places of inspiration. Thanks for taking time.



Erin Kuehn Ceramics/ Erin J. Kuehn

Erin J. Kuehn Ceramics combines feminine movement and organic form in altered ceramic works. A new collection, titled “dedicated to my Daughters”, will be exhibited on Instagram May 17th. All pieces will be available for purchase via message or email.

To Contact: Erin J. Kuehn


Glass By Yon/ Johnny Fetchko

Johnny says, “Glass has always been a passion of mine, I stared out melting bottles, and now I dabble in all sorts of glass work. Flame work, kiln work, even stained glass soldering from time to time. I just love glass. I also love nature, which I think becomes apperant in my work. I try to keep a naturally inspired theme with my art and I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy making it.”

To Contact: Johnny Fetchko


Homestead Luminary/ Jessie Tymoczko

Homestead Luminary combines hand drawings and classic imagery to create wooden luminaries, lamps, lanterns, and shadow casting light boxes. Designs are cut and etched on a laser engraver and hand assembled with vellum light diffusing paper. An LED candle or corded light is included with each piece.

A longtime fascination with light and shadow led up to the creation of Homestead Luminary. Jessie least heavily on Art Nouveau influence in her creations, but is also inspired by the natural world and elements of art throughout history.


Intentional Stones/ Catherine Aulick

I love to explore my connection to nature.  I hand forge, chase, hammer, pierce sterling silver into my own interpretation of natural forms.  I hand-weave chain with precious metal to create pieces handmade from start to finish.  I use creative gem setting techniques to complement the beauty of natural gemstones cut as beads or cut stones.


justAjar/ Bobby Rosenstock

justAjar is a letterpress & design studio collaboration between Sara (design) & Bobby (press) based out of Marietta, Ohio. We use old technology and new to create unique work—We can do everything from web design and logos, to custom illustration, woodcuts and letterpress printing for any project. We do it all because we love it all.



Kat Jewels/ Tammy King 

Kat Jewels’ designs are timeless, so that no matter the trend, you are always in style when wearing our creations. In our effort to be environmentally conscious, we design and handcraft our products using many found objects.



Kula Tie Dye/ Mary Joe Schick

Mary Jo Schick of Kula Tie Dye has been producing high quality vibrantly dyed adults and children’s clothing for over 25 years. All Kula Tie Dye is guaranteed to wash and wear beautifully, and last for years. A wide selection of items are available, including T’s, Longsleeves, Baby and Kid’s items, Sock, Hats and Tanks. I also produce beautiful leggings to support my practice and love of yoga, my other job – Kula Thai Yoga. Plus I have done Cheat Fest for 10+ years, producing the beautiful tie dye banners and flags you see at Cheat Fest!!



Lockhouse Studios/ Lisa Giuliani 

Lisa loves making jewelry, cakestands, and teapots- anything that makes the day just a little special. Everything she makes is lead free, food and dishwasher safe, and handmade. 



Mystical Crystals / Rob Riffe

I create unique hand fabricated Jewelry from Silver, Gold, colorful stones, fossils, crystals, & coins. Inspirations for my art flow from many sources: some of these include nature, geometry, ancient symbols, architecture, and human anatomy+movement. All my jewelry is hand fabricated with torches and hand tools using the timeless art of metalsmithing and a variety of techniques in the process. Functional jewelry that is fine, fancy yet also earthy, and enjoyable for everyday wear ~ My intention is that my jewelry brings joy, beauty, and positive energy to the wearer. See my website for current available works or contact me to have something special created for you.

To Contact: Rob Riffe


OfAlbright/ Dave Cerbone

David’s work in photography is the result of his continuing explorations of the Cheat River as it flows through Preston County, West Virginia. He takes many of his photographs within walking distance of his house in Albright, along the edges of the Cheat River Festival site. He also routinely visits various spots on a stretch of the river known as “the Narrows”, which runs along Route 72 between Kingwood and Rowlesburg, as well as various points along Muddy Creek.

David makes many of his photographs using pinhole and zone plate cameras, which are simple wooden boxes that do not use any kind of optical lenses. He also likes using a variety of plastic cameras, including Holga and Diana cameras, as well as various thrift shop finds. As we move further into the digital age of photography, David’s interests have reached further back to the very beginnings of photography in the 19th Century, as he has struggled to master the wet plate collodion process, as well as cyanotype and other early printing processes. Despite this backward-looking bent to his photographic work, he enjoys using digital cameras as well: he has taken many pictures of and around the Cheat using digital cameras that have been converted to record infrared light. David is also a big fan of the Hipstamatic app of his iPhone.

Much of my ongoing work can be viewed on my Flickr page. I am not set up for any kind of online sales, but if you are interested in purchasing my work, please contact me via email.

To Contact: Dave Carbone



Ridgetop Pottery/ Susan Ramey

Susan Ramey of Ridgetop Pottery creates wheel-thrown porcelain pottery in her Kingwood, West Virginia, studio. This porcelain casserole is one of many fully-functional serving and place-setting pieces she personally creates, in addition to porcelain vases, jewelry boxes, yarn bowls, and miniatures.

To Contact: Susan Ramey

  • Phone: 304-288-0832


 Rockables/ Katie Mullins

Born and raised in West Virginia, I live a simple life in my tiny house in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains. I am a self taught bead artist that has been making jewelry for over 20 years. I specialize in bead embroidery which is sewing colorful beads to suede to produce a one of a kind intricate design. I’m obsessed with natural gemstones and earthy colors. I use feathers from my farm and forest. I also use several semi-precious gemstones from the US and India.

To Contact: Katie Mullins



Sarah Cartron / Sarah’s Soap*A*Saurus

Sarah’s Soap*A*Saurus originated as a soapery in Harpers Ferry, West Virginia in 2012, and has quickly expanded their line to include natural body products. Now located in Aurora, West Virginia, we produce environmentally friendly handmade palm oil free, locally sourced, traditional cold processed bar soaps and other skincare products with plastic free packaging.

Our solid natural body products are long lasting, travel friendly, self-preserving, and are free of synthetic preservatives. Our bars are hand cut, and weigh between 4 to5 ounces.

To Contact: Sarah Cartron


Springing Art / Rebecca Stsnevich

Acrylic pouring is an abstract art technique where acrylic paint is mixed with different pouring mediums to create paint with a pourable consistency. These paints are then poured onto a canvas or other surface to create unique abstract effects. Paints may be poured, tilted, spun, blown, swiped, or a variety of other techniques to create a functional, decorated object. The process is mesmerizing and quite addicting!

I have experimented with a variety of techniques and colors to create wall hangings, coasters, canisters, decorated boxes, charcuterie boards, and other items. I am happy to design pieces especially for you!

To contact: Rebecca Stanevich

Tara Earth Designs/ Tara N. Smith

By day I am a graphic designer, and by night, a painter. My work encompasses many interests including the full color spectrum, portraiture, adventure sports, the Appalachian ecosystem, and support of West Virginia.

Watercolor is my current favorite, to paint with it successfully I have to surrender to the flowing nature of it. This opens up so many intricate color combinations and patterns that can only happen with colors combine without the hand forcing it to do so.


Technicus LLC/ Gabe Dewitt

I am driven professionally and artistically by the insatiable inquisitiveness. Everything in our observable universe can be bolted down to one simple question– Why? From the curiosity of a child to the most focused minds on the planet, this is the fundamental question.

My work focuses on the Why – producing intuitive visual media that tells the story.


Woodcrafty/ Jon Pitts 

I am wooden jewelry artist striving to find beauty of recycled and scrap material. The main feature of my work are the intricate designs created from different colored pieces of wood that are precisely cut and attached together. I source these woods from broken skateboard (bright unnatural colors), scrap bins, and old furniture. Before I assemble a design, I slice it into thin pieces which give me small batches of that work. Every step of my work is done by hand using analog wood tools.



**Artists who are interested in participating in the Art Market in the future should check out the Art Market Application page here.