Colors of the Cheat Coloring Contest:

If you have a printer, print the Cheat Fest Artwork linked below, pick your favorite artwork and color it in with crayons, markers, paints, scraps of colored paper, dirt, or whatever you’ve got. If you don’t have a printer, no big deal, draw a picture inspired by the Cheat Fest Artwork OR create your own festival artwork!! Take a photo of your (or your kid’s) artwork (entries limited to: infinity), post it on our social media with the hashtag #colorsofthecheat OR e-mail it to with the subject line: COLORS OF THE CHEAT. We’ll share them with the community and come up with winners based on unforseen and unknowable criteria!

Big Thanks, as always, to many years of artwork from John Victor!

Cheat Fest Coloring Book Pages Download

Other Fun Stuff To Do!

  • Cacapon Institute’s Watershed E-School has lots of fun, online activities for primary and secondary age students:

  • The National Wildlife Federation is offering free online access to Ranger Rick – my favorite magazine as a kid! Visit for digital versions of Ranger Rick magazines, outdoor activities, animal crafts, and more.

  • Spring is in the air and there is a lot of action on a variety of Wildlife Web Cams. Check out the NCTC Eagle Cam out of Shepherdstown, WV managed by FOC founding Board member Randy Robinson. For views of a variety of critters from puffins to pandas, check out Aubudon’s top 10 wildlife cams.