We’ve got a ton of music in store for ya’ll, so stay tuned for concerts from members of these awesome groups, who are so generously sharing their performances with us. HUGE shout out and thank you to our musical director, Adam Payne.

All videos streaming on our Facebook & Youtube Channels

5:00PM Ed Eddy TV Premier:
Garrett Richardson’s Cheat River Fishing

7:00PM Jakob’s Ferry Stragglers LIVE from home
8:40PM Rumpke Mountain Boys


2:00PM – Forever: Music & Dancing All Day (Sched TBA)

5:00PM Deep Breaths: A Mini-Movie Premier from Joel Wolpert

Music From: The Rumpke Mountain Boys, Jakobs Ferry Stragglers,
The Dirty Grass Players, The Boatmen, Stewed Mulligan, William Matheny,
Aristotle Jones, Lords of Lester, The Flybirds, Shelf Life String Band,
The Cooley Gang, Two Ton Twig & Jim Meckley

Community Song Shares

As we all know, so much of the music at Cheat Fest comes from the community. Each day of Cheat Fest from Home week, we’re sharing music that folks sent in from their homes. A huge thank you to everyone who recorded a themselves, it’s been such a treat to listen and watch ya’ll. (If you’d like to share your music from home, post a video of yourself on our Facebook page, or send me a youtube link at Cheatfest@cheat.org)

Community Song Shares
These are all on our Youtube Channel

A huge thank you to all of you out there who shared these songs from home. We love you!

Ellie & Ryan from the Woods

Jason Jaros

Eric George

Two Ton Twig Members

Jim Meckley

Emily Carlson

Todd Burge

Rick from home!

Wanted Rivers, a Poem by Susan Sauter

Kelsey & Joanna

Loyalsock by Emily Carlson

Mermaids of West Virginia by Derek Proulx

Rodeo Girl by Gary Hoffman

Lea marra

George Bell

Honeysuckle and Thorn by Emliy Carlson

Dirt by Ben Dube

Eric Pifer playing Fire & Rain by James Taylor

Pap’s Cabin by Nae Paugh

Diane Henderson

Too Many Boats by Jerry Vandiver

I Love My Home, Down Country Roads by Jen Osha & Son

Ryan Gaujot

From the Hip from the 2014 Cheat River Festival

Ain’t No Ash by Emily Tanzey

Chris Felton

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