Presale tickets for the 22nd annual Cheat River Festival are available now!


Click on the ticket above to claim you tickets for Cheat Fest 2016

Three reasons to purchase your Cheat Fest 2016 tickets early:

  1. Save $5!
  2. They make great gifts!
  3. We want to keep the intimate Cheat Fest vibes alive so we have set a maximum number of tickets available. Last year we reached this max. Buying your ticket early ensures your experience at Cheat Fest.

Have you always looked longingly at the Hospitality Café backstage where Cheat Fest VIPs eat yummy food and drink kegs of locally brewed beer? Do you wish you could camp at Cheat Fest? These are perks that come with VIP tickets. Major Donors get 2 VIP tickets. You can get more information about becoming a major donor here.