A Message from long time frined of the Cheat, Jim Snyder

Well- the Fest site is pulling itself together.  It’s been mowed, the dumpster is here and yesterday I spent most of the day enjoying the cool breezes and steady sunshine of a typical Preston County day while stringing up the lights.  Gives you a lust for life!  Lots of cool mellow folks stopped by to see how things are going,- Mike Petticord brought some ice by, Rick Chaney asked if I needed any help,  Amanda came to check on things.  I wish I could just take a nap at the site-  so peaceful.  Oh wait!  This is the calm before the storm!  The energy will just crank up from here.
The roof over the stage goes up today.  Soon, Chip Mefford will show up and answer our electrical questions and fix a hundred other small last minute issues.  We’ll laugh a lot and solve some of the world’s problems by pontificating and musing and quipping.  Maybe he’ll tell some stories about his good olde daze as a roadie.  Or tell heroic stories about his Surly cargo bike.

There’s so much entertainment to be had at Fest time.  And it just shows up.  The river is at an incredible level and is so clean.  The race will be perfect- ideal conditions.
And I’m not going to even mention the weather they are calling for (brilliant!!) because I won’t jinx it.  Although I’m sure a segment of the crowd will be disappointed if it doesn’t rain….

So-  for all you Festy types-  there’s  a flurry of readiness paving the way for your party.  And I love the focus of it all.  Making the Cheat a better river.  A river with real “Friends”!