Did you ever wonder what we do with all the $$ love that funnels through the races?  Let’s break it down.  Follow the links to online registrations!


Cheat Fest 5K – all proceeds from this race go to the Preston Rail-Trails Committee, a sub-committee of FOC that has been wheelin’ & dealin’ for nearly 15 years to turn those unused train tracks into beautiful rail-trail.  Big strides have been made in the past 3 years with the purchase of the Northern and Cheat rail-trails – both of which are now entering into construction phase!  THE DEAL – registering for the 5K gets you 1) a nice bit of exercise for the morning of May 6th, 2) free entry to the fest, 3) a sweet t-shirt (if you register by March 31st!), 4) years of improved living conditions with walkable, bikeable rail-trails!, 5) a whole bucket of warm fuzzy feelings because you’re just the best.  


Cheat Canyon Down River Race – all proceeds from this race benefit FOC directly!  The Downriver Race is touted as one of the largest mass start river races in the country, maybe.  🙂  Racers load into the Cheat just downriver of Albright, and take on 10 miles of gnarly whitewater to the finish line, the Jenkinsburg Bridge.  Registering in advance saves you $5!  THE DEAL – registering for the Downriver Race gets you 1) in a boat, that’s a given, on a gorgeous stretch of whitewater, 2) free entry to the fest, 3) a sweet t-shirt, 4) the awesome knowledge that you are helping to improve the water quality of the Cheat River and are having a blast doing it, 5) free beer (for all paddlers over 21) at the after-party full of all your favorite people!

Want to support the 5K or downriver race but can’t make it in person?  You can sponsor, too!  Donate to the Rail-Trail or straight to FOC – we’ll be happy to help you out!  Email bwarnick@cheat.org for help.